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The Builder and Designer Story

It’s what makes your home one-of-a-kind.

For over 30 years this unique couple has been dedicated to providing the best product in home building, renovation and design.

Doug Rathy creates masterfully built original homes for a wide-range of discerning clients. Doug became a ticketed Journeyman Carpenter and from here Doug majored in Architecture at BCIT and graduated with a diploma in Building Technology. Doug is an active member of the Nanaimo Home Builders association. Doug is aware that having a home is more than simply a piece of real estate; for him it’s about building original homes that have been expertly crafted from start to finish. And for Ruth, the finishing touches are where the real work begins.

Ruth Rathy creates beautiful and original interior designs for a wide-range of discerning clients. Ruth received her accreditation from the Sheffield School of Design were she learned both the artistic and business aspects of design. Ruth has a great sense of style and a passion for creating beautiful eye-catching designs. With decades of design experience under her belt, Ruth’s talent and passion is widely admired.

This dedicated husband and wife team could be just what you need to make your dreams a reality.